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Employee performance (4)
Employment agreements (19)
Flexible working (6)
Hiring (23)
Labour Inspectorate (15)
Leave and holidays (24)
Mediation (19)
Minimum rights and responsibilities (24)
Parental leave (35)
Parental leave payment (5)
Pay and wages (31)
Record keeping (18)
Redundancy (3)
Resolving problems (24)
Trial and probationary periods (10)

Otherwise working day calculator

Find out if you get a paid day off on a public holiday, and if you get an alternative holiday if you work on it .

Parental leave and payment eligibility tool

Use our tool to determine if you or your partner are entitled to parental leave.

Pay and employment equity analysis

Assess the impact of gender on the pay and participation of women by analysing quantitative HR and payroll data.

Performance Improvement Plan template

This template will help you record expectations, assessments and reviews for staff with improved performance in mind.

Relevant & average daily pay calculator

Work out an employee’s relevant daily pay (RDP), or average daily pay.

Request mediation

To use Employment Mediation Services please complete the Request for Mediation form.