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Relationship to ACC entitlements

The following rules apply in relation to the ACC scheme:

For information about ACC entitlements see www.acc.co.nz.

Unused sick leave under the Holidays Act 2003 is automatically carried over. For example, if someone uses only one day’s sick leave from the five-day entitlement in a 12-month period, they may carry over the other four days, so in the next 12-month period, the total entitlement is nine days’ sick leave. The maximum accumulation under the Act is 20 days’ leave, although employment agreements can provide more generous sick leave and/or accumulation.

Accumulated sick leave cannot normally be exchanged for cash, or form part of any final payment to the employee on resignation or termination, unless the employment agreement requires this.

Sick leave entitlements are not pro-rated in any way. For example, even if a part-time employee works three days a week, they become entitled to five days’ sick leave a year after being in employment for six months. Sick leave also accumulates to up to 20 days for part-time employees.