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Employees on genuine fixed-term agreements (pay-as-you-go provisions)

Where an employee is on a fixed-term agreement of less than 12 months, the entitlement and payment for annual holidays is calculated differently. The Employment Relations Act 2000 allows for fixed-term employment agreements if, on appointment, there is a genuine reason for the fixed term. Examples of genuine reasons:

Where such a fixed-term agreement is for less than 12 months, an employee may agree to the employer adding 8% to their gross weekly earnings in lieu of annual holidays or in lieu of getting an aggregated 8% at the end of the fixed term.

Any such arrangement should be included in the employment agreement, and the 8% should appear as a separate and identifiable amount on the employee’s pay slip. On the completion of the fixed term, the employee will have received all pay for annual holidays. No further payment will be outstanding and no annual holidays are available.

If the employee is later employed on one or more further fixed-term agreements of less than 12 months with the same employer, the same arrangement can be made, even when there is no break in employment, provided the two parties agree and document the arrangement.