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Resources from other New Zealand agencies

Work-life balance

New Zealand Council of Trade Unions 2004
Defines the issue and the roles of unions, the Government and employers in work- life balance initiatives.  Identifies practical working arrangements and processes for change in workplaces, which not only help workers achieve better balance, but also assist employers in attracting and retaining staff.
Work-life balance

EEO Trust
Resources to help employers implement EEO and flexible working options in their organisations.  Covers things like job sharing and recruiting and selecting talent

State Services Commission 2005
Provides information for government employees, employers and unions on the case for work-life balance and suggests ways to make it happen. Prepared primarily for government agencies, but may also be useful for the private and not-for-profit sectors

Provides resources, research and case studies on equal employment opportunities including advice on being a good employer.

Flexible work

Business New Zealand 2007
Highlights simple things businesses can do to offer greater flexibility to their staff

Travel Planning

Auckland Regional Transport Authority
Information and tools on travel planning for organisations in the Auckland region

Workplace travel plans
Greater Wellington Regional Council
Information and tools on travel planning for organisations in the Wellington region

Health and well-being

Managing shift work to minimise workplace fatigue
Department of Labour 2007
Guides for employers including small business on the causes of workplace fatigue and ways to manage it

Supports employers and managers to create more mentally healthy workplaces by offering members toolkits, training and support